Friday, February 16, 2018

ruined | closing early

NOTICE: The remaining performances of RUINED have been cancelled due to a medical situation that has arisen. For more information, please read the statement below by Executive Director Alison Chisholm:

It is with much regret that we have had to close the run of RUINED early. A medical situation came up within the cast, and while the cast member in question is not in any life threatening situation, it is important that they be offered the time and space to get well. For this reason, a decision between cast, crew, Dark Glass Theatre and Pacific Theatre to close RUINED early would be best for this delicate and intricate production.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to our cast and crew for their dedication and passion in presenting Lynn Nottage’s beautiful and challenging work. The time and talent invested in this production has been humbling and inspirational. I applaud Dark Glass Theatre for their courage in producing this production and allowing Vancouver audiences the opportunity to experience this script.

I also want to thank the patrons, donors, sponsors, volunteers, and general supporters of Pacific Theatre for your love and compassion as we have navigated changes to our performance schedule. Your commitment and grace is motivating and I cannot express my appreciation enough.

Anyone who had any tickets reserved to this closing weekend is being issued a full refund and offered complimentary tickets to any future production at Pacific Theatre. We at Pacific Theatre do our very best to come to all our decisions with great thoughtfulness, care, and compassion. We thank you all for your understanding and grace as we close this show with heavy and loving hearts.

- Alison Chisholm
Executive Director | Pacific Theatre

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

ruined | more show photos

Here's a final batch of photos from RUINED! This powerful story comes to and end on Feb 17th - hope you can make it out.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

ruined | show photos

More shots from RUINED, still playing until Feb. 17th. All photos by Jalen Laine Photography.


Tuesday, February 06, 2018

ruined | responses

A TOP PICK in Colin Thomas' newsletter: "Of the shows I’ve already seen, Ruined is the one to catch. It’s about the violence perpetrated against women in the ongoing Congolese conflict. That content is harrowing. But honesty and urgency turn the script into an elevating experience. Many of the cast members in this Dark Glass Theatre production contribute exquisite work."

"The women and their tales grab us first in our throats but ultimately in our hearts. Because as poet songstress Buffy Ste. Marie put it, "God is alive / Magic is afoot" whenever souls reach across the abyss to touch one another... this is almost must-viewing to put the subjugation, victimization and violence-against-women incidents of recent history in a particularly raw, non-Western way despite the script's American authorship. Quite astonishing its effect." | Baird Blackstone, Broken Leg Reviews

"This is without a shadow of a doubt the most important piece of theatre I have witnessed in recent years... You will leave this experience a little more enlightened, a little more educated, reeling from the talent and possibly wishing that you had been left in the dark." | Liz Gloucester, Two Cents and Two Pence

"From her first, halting entrance, Makambe K. Simamba ripped my heart out as Sophie. It doesn’t feel like she’s acting... Shayna Jones, who plays Salima, is every bit as credible. Salima has a long speech in which she relives her abduction and the loss of her baby, Beatrice. Without ever resorting to melodrama or sentimentality, Jones makes it real. It’s clear that the actors in this production by Dark Glass Theatre know that they’re working on something important, something that’s bigger than they are. Those are the only circumstances in which you get performances that are this deep and humble." | Colin Thomas

"I want to reiterate how good the acting is across the board, but particularly by Mutombo, Jones and Simamba as the three damaged women who represent all the innocent female victims Nottage is honouring here. Nice work, too, by onstage musicians Mikaela Fuqua and Jacky Yenga... Ruined is an important story well-told by this brave company and well worth seeing." | Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Plays

"GO SEE IT!!! I thought it would be much harder to take but it was're lulled into the rhythms of the place...of people coming and going and then suddenly you jump out of your skin when some sensational thing happens… I am seriously contemplating a filled up my soul." | Joy Rudder, Audience Email

"This is a challenging play for the commanding role of Mama Nadi (played unforgettably by Mariam Barry)... The set design by Carolyn Rapanos is a simple rustic bar with cheap tables and aluminum siding. The space feels vulnerable, open and unprotected, which reflects the danger that is constantly threatening Mama Nadi and her girls. The live music performed at Mama’s establishment is lovely, honest and pure, sung shyly at first by new girl Sophie (played by a formidable Makambe K Simamba)." | Erin Jane, Review Vancouver

"Overall this production of Ruined was an extremely brave." | Jessica Kim, UBC Players Club

Monday, February 05, 2018

ruined | opening night reception

We had a fantastic opening this weekend for RUINED! Here are some shots from the opening night reception - including a glimpse back stage!

Saturday, February 03, 2018

to feb 10 | doubt | gallery 7

Remember DOUBT at Pacific Theatre, a few years back?  Erla Faye Forsyth, Giovanni Mocibob, Kaitlin Williams, Lesley Lewis Sword?  Our sister theatre in the valley is running the show until February 10.  Here's a link.

feb 7 | wings of desire | rio

Soul Food classic WINGS OF DESIRE (1987, Germany, Wim Wenders) screens this Wednesday, 6:30, at Vancouver's vintage theatre, the Rio.  Here's a link to Wim Wenders in Image Journal, answering the question "Why Believe In God?"

Friday, February 02, 2018

ruined | show photos

Here is the first round of photos from RUINED, opening tonight! All photos by Jalen Saip, featuring the set design of Carolyn Rapanos, costume design of Megan Gilron, and lighting design of Jillian White.

ruined | opening night

Tonight we open RUINED! We are so excited to have Dark Glass Theatre here with us and to be sharing this incredible story with you all.

Happy opening to the cast and crew of RUINED!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

ruined | preview performance & preshow event

Tomorrow night is preview for RUINED and it includes a preshow event sponsored by MCC!

RUINED by Lynn Nottage
Preview Performance: Feb 1

Prior to the performance of RUINED on Feb. 1st at 8:00 pm, Dark Glass Theatre is honoured to invite all audience members to join John and Michele Sharp for a pre-show talk and reception at 7:00 PM, hosted by MCC British Columbia. John and Michele Miller Sharp are the parents of Michael J. "MJ" Sharp, UN Expert and former MCC staff member who was murdered in the DR Congo last March while investigating the roots of violence and working for nonviolent resolutions to conflict.

Tickets pay-what-you-can at the door, $14.99 in advance.

Buy tickets HERE.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

ruined | date change

Due to a last-minute change in casting for RUINED, and because of the complexity and importance of this particular story, opening night has been moved to Friday, February 2nd. Season apprentice Mariam Barry will be stepping into the role of Mama Nadi.

We at Pacific Theatre and Dark Glass Theatre believe strongly in the importance of honouring the stories that are told on our stage and the artists who tell them. In order to honour this story and its artists, we are delaying opening night. We regret the inconvenience this may cause to our patrons, and thank you for your understanding.

If you are booked into one of the performances that is now cancelled, we will be reaching out by email or phone to either rebook your tickets to another night or receive a refund.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us at or 604-731-5518 and leave a message with your full name, what date you were booked in for, and when you would like to rebook. If you would prefer a refund, we are happy to offer your money back.


Feb 1: Preview Performance ($14.99 in advance, pay-what-you-can at the door)
Feb 2: Opening Night
Feb 3-17: Regularly Scheduled Performances (Weds-Sat at 8pm with 2pm Sat matinees)

Friday, January 19, 2018

ruined | meet the crew

The crew of Dark Glass Theatre's RUINED are building truly ambitious, worthy work. We asked them about why the play matters to them.

Angela Konrad | Director
The opportunity to raise awareness about the situation in the Congo.The opportunity to put a human face on the statistics. The opportunity to do what we can to combat sexual violence and speak out for women whose personhood goes unrecognized. The opportunity to work with such an incredible cast of underrepresented and overtalented individuals."
Jessica Garden | Producer/Assistant Director
"There is nothing I’d rather do than tell meaningful stories through the theatrical arts."

Trevor McMahan | Stage Manager
"Ruined provides the opportunity to tell a powerful, engaging, underrepresented story about the genocide in the DRC, a longstanding crisis that doesn’t get much media coverage in the West. I think it’s important to hear stories that challenge us and engender empathy for others we may not otherwise meet, and I’m thrilled to work with Dark Glass Theatre, a company that understands that and wants to use stories to change the world."

Jillian White | Lighting Designer

Carolyn Rapanos | Set Designer
"I am excited that this play draws much-needed attention to a place of extreme conflict and does so primarily through the voices of the women living there."

Megan Gilron | Costume Designer
I'm really excited to work on a play that has cultural relevance and deals with difficult subject matter that can awaken the audience to a different way of life. It brings the war on women to the forefront and fuels my activism in our current political climate.

Mariam Barry | Assistant Stage Manager/Understudy
Honouring our ancestors, as a collective of black voices, by telling stories of our native homelands.

Jennifer Jantsch | Props
The story is universal, even though it is set in the Congo. It has many deep truths and can be related to by many people. I find it a moving, powerful, and uplifting play. It is a story that needs to be told.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

ruined | set design preview

We are so excited about the set design for RUINED! Here is a preview of the design by Carolyn Rapanos.

The backdrop for the set is a colourful design inspired by Congolese fabrics, providing an instant sense of place. The rest of the set is designed to be flexibly used for the bar and, occasionally, an outdoor space, and the floor fades into dirt and chaos of the civil war outside the walls of Mama Nadi's bar.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

ruined | meet the cast

We are truly proud to present Dark Glass Theatre's RUINED as our first show of the new year. This timely look at the lives of women in the Democratic Republic of Congo moves us deeply, and Dark Glass has assembled a brilliant ensemble to bring it to life.
Mama Nadi and her girls.
Makambe K. Simamba | Sophie
"Ruined is a skillfully crafted Pulitzer Prize winning play that illuminates the unbelievable authenticity and strength of 4 African women."
CJ Jackman Zigante | Mama Nadi
"Playing Mama Nadi I hope, gives me another way, for the women of the Congo to have their voices heard. I hope I do them proud."
Shayna Jones | Salima
"I am excited by how much it terrifies me."
Rachel Mutombo | Josephine
"I am excited to have an opportunity to embody the beautiful, poetic and empowering words of Lynn Nottage."
Our beautiful ensemble and band members.
Jacky Yenga | Emilene
Donald Sales | Commander Osembenga
Tom Pickett | Christian
"I am excited to work with so many new young people, people of color to tell the story of the strength of these women and the love of this man; Christian."
Damon Calderwood | Mr. Harari
The story is universal, even though it is set in the Congo. It has many deep truths and can be related to by many people. I find it a moving, powerful, and uplifting play. It is a story that needs to be told.
Agape Mngomezulu | Simon, Various
Michael Kiapway | Jerome Kisembe
Adrian Neblett | Fortune, Various
"I am excited to be part of telling this powerful story to our Vancouver audiences."
Mikaela Fuqua | Masima, Musical Director

Friday, January 12, 2018

ruined | about dark glass theatre

Dark Glass Theatre was created by one of our PT family artists: Angela Konrad (OUTSIDE MULLINGAR, WIT). We are so excited to have RUINED, their first professional production here in our season. Here is a little more about Dark Glass, in their own words.

Dark Glass Theatre exists to tell stories that enable us to see, face to face, people we might not otherwise meet, thereby decreasing judgement, increasing compassion, and fostering empathy.

We believe that one of the most damaging forces at work in our world is the demonizing of the “other.” Whether separated by trauma, social standing, religion, race, sexual orientation, geography, age, or gender, breaking down barriers begins with a willingness to see beyond labels like “oppressed” and “oppressor.” As we come face to face with another’s perspective, without judgement, we are empowered to act in love. And that action can change the world.

We aspire to tell stories that build bridges between groups or individuals separated by discord or trauma, and to equip individuals to explore and express their own stories of forgiveness and healing.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

jan 26-feb 10 | doubt | gallery 7 theatre

Our friends at Gallery 7 Theatre are producing one of our favourite plays - DOUBT, A PARABLE by John Patrick Shanley.

In 1964, Sister Aloysius, a Bronx school principal, is shaken to her moral core when she suspects that young Father Flynn is having an inappropriate relationship with a 12-year-old male student. A Pulitzer Prize-Winning play that was adapted in to an award-winning film featuring Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman, the play explores the delicate tension between perception and reality.

January 26 & 27, 31 – Feb 3 & Feb. 7 – 10, 2018 @ 7:30 PM
Matinees: Jan. 27, Feb. 3 & Feb. 10 @ 2:00 PM
Abbotsford Community Arts Addition, 2329 Crescent Way, Abbotsford

Tickets and Info Here.